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Thread: Wii game backup files randomly go corrupt?

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    Wii game backup files randomly go corrupt?

    hello I have recently performed the soft mod hack per this sites guide. I have backed up all my games to an external HD. They play fine for awhile but seem to randomly go corrupt and need to be reloaded? anyone having a similar problem? Any fix?


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    What format is your HDD? The games probably went corrupt if you are using the old format wbfs. I suggest formatting your HDD in FAT32 format.

    This tool should be pretty useful once you format to FAT32.

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    This happens to me sometimes. And I'm using fat32. Try and always use the safely remove hardware icon to remove your hdd from your pc. Also I wait till the wii is shutdown completely before removing it from the wii also. I know there is something to that, because one of my kids unplugged the drive from the wii while it was doing something and the whole drive was corrupt.

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    Hi my Hd is a fat32 formate and I tell my kids to exit the game back to the wii menu before turning the power off......not to say they always listen or follow those I do fully power down my wii before disconnecting. I suspect the problem is not in the removal but just software interface because there have been multiple times when the hd was never even been disconnected between sessions and a game will just stop working? I was just curious if others had seen the same glitch? And based on your reply I think it's a yes

    O well maybe one of the software gods will read this a look for a fix lol

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    Has happened to me a few times
    Why I dont know since i have always been very careful as well

    Seems it has happened the most with the ones I play a lot


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