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Thread: Wiiflow doesn't recgonize all my ios

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    Wiiflow doesn't recgonize all my ios

    I hate asking for help since I've made it this far but... I find that when I use CFG to load games, it recgonizes a ton more ios version I have installed then Wiiflow. So If I wanted to play a certain military game with Wiiflow, it doesn't give an option to use ios 250. But CFG does. Wouldn't be a problem if I could just use CFG, but it never keeps it's apperance settings. I set it to look like Wiiflow, but everytime I go back to it it looks like some NES-esque selection screen with that weird music. Any ideas? I know they're installed because CFG can use them.

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    What version of Wiiflow are you using? Might want to try updating it. As far as CFG, put your sd card into your computer and run the CfgLoaderConfigurator located in the sd\usb-loader folder. Thats another place you can set your theme, shut off the music, and a whole lot more.

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    Updated Wiiflow (new version came out yesterday to!) and loads stuff like a charm. Gonna mess with CFG on my computer. I suspect I gotta update my Wiiflow forwarder channel though. Thanks a million!


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