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    Lightbulb just dance 3

    hi guys i cant get just dance 3 to play on my wii i have softmod it from the guide here on 4.1 everything fine neogamma will play my old dvd-r no problem but this game i have burned it three times with image burn but will not play any of the disks any ideas please help

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    Hey what version is your Neogamma. try getting the latest one.
    Also, have you tried USB Loading?

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    the one on the softmod guide here it Neogamma R9 Beta 56 when i start Neogamma it runs the disk then it says error this is not a wii/gc disk
    if that helps would it be the disk it will load older disk games so i dont know have not tried
    USB Loading dont have hdd may get one soon but have a lot of dvd-r disks
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    Does the original work when you load it?

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    yes it works

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    all sorted now i got a Sandisk Cruzer Flash 16Gb formated fat32 put folder on it named it WBFS put games on there with wii backup manager as WBSF files works perfect still wont load disc but not bothered about that now.

    Big Thank you to Marchmallow and all on here for your help thanks again

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