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Thread: Wii died after homebrew browser (not sure if rigth forum)

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    Wii died after homebrew browser (not sure if rigth forum)

    Hello everyone something really weird just happend to me...

    i was in the homenbrew browser downloading some apps like nintendo 64 emulator and some games in the game section (with high rate of users)

    all of a sudden my wii gave this black screen with a long error on it i remember some words where

    overstack , or overdumped and stack and below there some long error code numbers i assumed resetting the wii was the best thing but...

    now when i plug in the electricion my wii doesnt do anyhting not even burning a lite or no possible way to boot my wii or turn it on or how its called

    anyone know the solution for this?

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    I think but im not sure it migth be the blackscreen of death issue i read somewhere about it they say it needs a hard reset (which i first of all have no idea of how to do it since my wii cant even connect to any power socket at the moment since it wont run

    second of all do i than have to remod my wii?

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    Try and reset your power brick, by unplugging it from the wall and the Wii. Wait about 10-15 minutes and hook it back up.


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