I've got a Wii here that's not reading discs. It's not mine but of a friend of mine and it's been in storage for a while.
The problem is when I insert a disc I hear a 'tak tak tak tak tak tak' noise repeatedly and after a few seconds the disc is auto ejected and sucked back in to do the same thing over again. I opened up the wii and there is nothing stuck. So I decided to power it on whilst most of the casing is off. I saw when it made 'tak tak' noise the disc was rattling, so I pushed the middle bit down with my finger and it clicked into place, disc started spinning and game worked fine, however, if I eject the disc and re insert then that noise again untill I push down either the disc or the middle thing with my finger. This isn't ideal, since one would want the cover closed.

Before anyone asks, yes I am using several retail discs so it's nothing to do with the discs.
Any suggestions apart from dvd drive replacement?

Any help is appreciated

Picture of the middle thing I'm referring to