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Thread: wii starts but does not load!!

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    wii starts but does not load!!

    i installed wiimc and it was working fine. i was curious to see if it could play 1080p videos but the wii crashed and restarted after i tried it. anyway the wii was still working then and i tried to watch some dvd files. when i had enough, i pressed the home button to go back to the main menu. the wii surprisingly restarted after that and i unplugged my ehdd. the wii showed the channels briefly but the background was black. after that i could no longer see anything on the screen. i tried turning it off and on again, removing the plug but all to no avail

    my wii power light lights up but it doesnt show me anything on the screen. i also dont hear the wii drive checking for discs. also, the blue disc light stays on permanently and it doesnt want to accept dvds unless i force it too (i never actually forced it fully in though since i didnt want to risk not getting the disk out)

    any advice??

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    Can u power the wii on with the wiimote?

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    yes i can. but it loses sync after the wii powers on
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    Moving your thread to the Bricked Wii section. Hopefully some of our brick experts will be able to further help.

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    Do you have priiloader installed? press and hold the reset button while power on the wii.


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