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Thread: D2Sun v3 presoldered w/ Wii Clip help needed

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    Unhappy D2Sun v3 presoldered w/ Wii Clip help needed

    Need some help. Just received my D2Sun v3 w/ Wii Clip presoldered.
    All of the pins on the Wii Clip appear to be pointing correctly and intact.

    The jumpers appear to be set correctly for my chipset: GC2-D2E.
    1 and 4 ON.
    2 and 3 OFF.

    I installed the Wii Clip without the included on/off switch. The only light I can get to light up is a flashing red light. And the drive will not accept any discs (original or otherwise).

    I have attached a picture of the modchip and the drive.
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    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I updated the pictures link with a high-res photo of the mod chip. It looks to me like a couple of pins on the chip are shorted together.

    What do you think?

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    I can't see the picture in your link.

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    cant see it either

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    thewiiguy, what country are you from?
    you need the switch in as well i think so that you can turn the chip on.
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