​I am posting this in the hope that it might save you a lot of time and frustration.

I have recently softmodded two Wii's using the excellent 'Softmod/Hack ANY Wii Guide'.

Both went without problem due to the clear explanations and both have been used extensively without problem until today. My son decided to use the 2 remotes on a friends Wii and when he returned he had un-synched both remotes.

As recommended in the guide I set up Priloader to autoboot my USB Loader (as I have children). I thought I could just re-synch the remotes by pressing the synch button on the remote and the other on the console but that was not the case. I didn't know that you HAD to be in the Wii's Main Menu for the synchronisation to work.

I eventually realised this after a few hours of messing about and a lot of time searching the forums for the solution.

I borrowed a Gamecube controller and negotiated back to the Wii Menu and both remotes synched first time.

This may be obvious to the experienced modders but I am sure there are other newbee's like myself who will find themselves in the same position. I hope this may help.