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Thread: When backing up nands blocks 640 1253 and 3986 fail

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    Angry When backing up nands blocks 640 1253 and 3986 fail

    I know I read some where on here that someone had a similar problem but after verifying back-up for nands I have 3 blocks that fail and stay black afterwards I have rebooted bootmii ,made sure sd card is on fat32 did back-up again and the same 3 blocks fail again .Does it matter or what can I do? Starting to get frustrated help please.

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    3 blocks failing is not a big deal. You can move on with the guide. The problem is when TONS of blocks fail.

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    Thanks junkmail what are those blocks for anyways? Because I seen another member say if they fail and turn green after verifying it is good to go if not don't proceed.

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    When you have under 10 blocks it's not that big of a big deal. I think when you get around 40 or 50 it becomes a problem and your nand backup could be unreliable. I've heard that bad blocks could be caused by either a fragmented sd or a sd that's damaged a little. I've never had a nand backup I've made finish without at least a few bad blocks.

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    Thank you appreciate the help was feeling a little lost there.


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