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Thread: Wii Disk Won't Spin. Disk Read Error. Out of ideas. HELP!

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    Wii Disk Won't Spin. Disk Read Error. Out of ideas. HELP!

    Ok. My wii will turn on and function normally. then when I put a disk in, it accepts the disk, the lens moves back and forth and up and down. But the disk does not spin. I thought it could be the lens just not reading the disk so I replaced the lens (twice). That didn't fix it. So I thought a motor is pretty hard to break on a game console so it is more likely that the disk drive circuit board failed and isn't telling the motor to spin. I replaced the circuit board. Same thing. So now I decided it must be the motor since everything else works. So I replaced the motor. Nothing! So from there I thought well maybe the motor just isn't receiving electricity. So I tested the fuses on the circuit board. All good. I don't see any breaks on the circuit board and as far as I can tell everything is perfect. Every part on the disk drive has been replaced that could possibly be failing. If you have experience fixing wii's please help me out.

    I'm not trying to be rude, but I am not an amateur so if you don't know what your talking about, please do not respond. I need help from an experienced wii repairman (feel free to go in depth and use what jargon you need). I'll be able to understand. Thank you!

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    what game is youre trying to play?

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    I've tried wii sports and m&m racing

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    Try blowing into the sensory of the disc tray, if that doesn't work try buying a disc tray cleanser to see if dust if causing the issue.

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    Have you modded your wii. If so can you run a hard drive ? Does the wii show a main menu screen. When you were inside console are you sure you have reconnected all of the small plugs.recheck the ribbon connectors and clamps.I see you are experienced but retrace your steps. are you sure you have the ribbon connectors in and seated ok.From your comments I guess you are doing your tests with the unit open, Do you have another wii. to compare exchange components with. When powered up and you offer a disc does the tray pull the disc in? And the motors are easily damaged if kids force coins or even two discs in, ( yes i have been there).Lots to check I know.
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    There is no dust...The wii was completely taken apart. Wii is not modded, but if I can't get this working then that is the next best option. It goes to the main screen and runs every channel fine. The disk is pulled in normal and sits normal. I have two wii's that I'm repairing. One successfully. This one not. I've compared them both and everything looks the same. All ribbons and cables are connected properly and seated snuggly. I rechecked all my solder joints since I did replace the circuit board and all joints are solid and no breaks in the wires. Everything runs perfect until It comes time for the disk to spin. The lens moves back and forth and up and down but the disk refuses to spin, even after the motor was replaced.


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