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Thread: Need some help with Okami NTSC/U

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    Need some help with Okami NTSC/U

    I have Okami (NTSC/U) and i need some help.
    I played half of the game with my PS2, i hated the celestial brush there and liked how the fighting worked (i never finished on the PS2 because i had to return the game, it was from a friend). Now i have the Wii version and i like the celestial brush, but really hate how the fighting works. Having to shake the wiimote to attack is really not practical and it is putting me off.
    Using the "A" button would be a lot easier...
    Since the game doesnt allow to change this, does anyone know (or can create) an Ocarina code for this? (I know this forum doesnt like cheating, i donīt think this is cheating... everytime i try to attack i bang my elbow on the side of the sofa, and that is driving me crazy!)

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    Found a code in some Ocarina code page that makes button "1" become the attack, although i tried it and attacking by pressing a button makes the attacks very very easy, this didnīt happen in the PS2... i guess i canīt have everything...

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    Suppose that's what happens when you cheat..


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