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Thread: need help with homebrew install

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    need help with homebrew install

    hi all im new to this so need a bit of help. i have played and saved indiana jones and downloaded the appropriate files for wii but when i try to copy the euro file from my memory card to my wii it just tells me that the data already exists on my wii and wont let me go any further

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    will that not wipe the save file for indiana jones though

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    Backup your current save data to your game then try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmbo View Post
    will that not wipe the save file for indiana jones though
    Yes it will, and then it will allow you to copy the save file with the hack.

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    thanks for the advice got homebrew on now soim getting there but now im having problems installing priiloader (a bit thick me lol)

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    es_identify failed on priiloader

    when trying to install priiloader im am getting - (ES_Identify Failed, error 4294966279) do i need this or can i go without it


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