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Thread: Softmodded (maui - any Wii...), 4.1U, can I upgrade?

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    Softmodded (maui - any Wii...), 4.1U, can I upgrade?

    Hi all, I softmddded sometime ago, after fix for 4.3 (bathaxx?, Lego Batman disk). Went from 4.3 to 4.1U during softmod automatically (?).
    As I recall, I got boot2, as I have a backup NAND from my SD card on my computer.
    Wiimc, cfgusb, play DVDs - physical or ripped, etc all work fine - but...

    Now (lately) 2 or 3 of the original Wii channels won't work, especially Wii shop - where I'm sure I left some points/money!

    The channels direct me to channel updates that will follow or be embedded in general updates.

    I was warned to always ask here before updating!

    So - do I? Will I loose my cool stuff (mods) I have now?
    Or - is there a way to just update these 2 or 3 channels?
    Or - is there a way to just get to Wii shopping or points/cash left in Nintendo's system?
    Are the points tied to my MAC, serial, can I send them/get them from my aunt's unmodded Wii?

    Thanks any and all!!

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    we have a guide to update the shopping channel HERE...dont accept the update off nintendo you will lose your softmod
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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    Thanks, OK, I saw that but wasn't sure who it was for...

    There seems to be some chatter in followup posts to that thread.
    Do you know if Post 1 is updated, current, and correct... in other words exact?
    (For instance, in Online do I select 36 or 236? Or will I only have one or the other?)
    I don't know/recall all the slang/assumptions you folks use for shorthand talking in posts.

    Thanks again!!
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