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Thread: WII don't shutdown

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    WII don't shutdown

    hi ppl, yesterday i hacked my wii, i falowed the toturial and its all fine, no errors, noting, i can play all games. but when i press the power buton to shutdown the wii, she turn off from tv but continues working (some noise and the power button stay green) so to shutdown i need to old the power button for 10sec to turnit off, if i dont do that she dont start again.

    its normal???

    and other question, i need the sd car or is possible put the app's on hard drive?? i dont find nothing in the forum, any one can show me one link to do that.


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    yes thats normal

    yes you can run apps from hdd
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    ok, ty
    ok, its done, but one more thing, when i boot the usb loader, allays ask for the partition where the games are, i have a little brother and for him is a caind of hard... where i can configure to start that partition automatic?
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    Witch loader are you using? If the little one is really into playing, try creating short cuts with GSC (Game Short Creator) I did that for the most used games the family plays.

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    ty. i already have solved that.
    ty for the help ppl

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    Great so how did you solve it?


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