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Thread: PS Vita Australia launch titles studied

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    PS Vita Australia launch titles studied

    We might not be getting the next-gen console announcements we had been hoping for later this year, but at least we have the Nintendo Wii U to look forward to. However, before that there’s another big release, and that’s the PS Vita. Having already looked at a number of aspects of this device, we now thought we would study the launch titles for Australia.
    Just to recap, the release date will be February 23 and the two prices are as follows, Wi-Fi model AUD $349.95 and the 3G/Wi-Fi model AUD $449.95. There has already been huge debates regarding the price, and if the economy is ready for gamers to hand over this kind of money? However, in a way to entice you Sony has made an extensive range of games available at launch, more than we have seen before.
    There are 29 titles in all, and you will no doubt have a favorite, but it will be hard to resist a few of those. A handful of the more important ones have to be Uncharted: Golden Abyss (which we have already discussed) WipEout 2048, F1 2011, MotorStorm RC and Ridge Racer.
    WipEout 2048 will see the thrills from the home console to Sony’s latest handheld, where you will be defying gravity. Whatever you have seen before on the PSP then you need to prepare yourself, as the experience will be very different, which you can see in the first video.
    The PS Vita version of F1 2011 offers a few changes over the PS3 version, such as touch features and new challenges. The touch pad on the rear is used to shift up and down, and works better than you might think – although some gamers would rather use triggers for this, but then the Vita needs to be different. View a video below.
    Sony knows they need to cater for the younger gamer as well, and they do so with MotorStorm RC. There are so many off-road car games on the market, so it’s nice when we see little RC car racing games, as these have not been done to death – not yet anyway. To see if this game appeals to you then you need to watch a video of the game in action.
    Going back a few years one of my favorite car games had to be Ridge Racer, so were excited to see Cellius Inc. reviving such a classic for the PlayStation Vita. You have to admire the developer on this game, as they have taken a huge risk. The reason we say this is because the visuals as well as the tracks have been overhauled, but it still feels very much like the classics – is this a good or bad thing?
    There are others we should have covered on this list, such as FIFA Football, Rayman Origins and Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour Edition amongst others. What launch titles are you looking forward to the most?
    What other games would you like to see on the PS Vita, which is a subject we recently covered?

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    Bit pricey IMO. But the wipeout game does look awesome lol.
    Also, big retail giant in Australia "Big W" are advertising the
    PS Vita 3G-WiFi for AUD$419.


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