Everyone’s favourite Italian plumber has announced that his latest party is planned for the 2nd of March but not everyone is invited.
The Nintendo Wii is set to be the platform for yet another party this year with one of Nintendo and the gaming world’s most iconic characters, Mario, all set to be the host.
There is no mystery as to what the Mario party games are all about as the title is basically self-explanatory, yet for those readers who are either new to the franchise or have just crawled out from under a rock (you know who you are); we at Bettor.com can help clear any confusion.
The Mario Party titles consist of a number of simple, challenging and rewarding mini-games that are designed for between two and four players to take part in, hence perfect for parties or small get-togethers. The latest game will be the ninth instalment in the long running series and is set to feature around 80 mini-games.
The mini-games themselves are said to range from, “players making pizzas, escaping haunted mansions, and even racing snow mobiles.”
While Call of Duty fan boys may troll this page and claim that the last bit is a rip-off from Modern Warfare 2’s single player campaign, we are sure it is not as Nintendo have a habit of bringing originality to the table.
There is also said to be boss battles at the end of each of the stages and vehicles have been added to the gameplay which all the players can “ride across stages together” in.
Nintendo themselves decided to pitch for the game and stated, “The latest addition to the Mario Party series encourages you to think one step ahead of your opponents to collect the most Mini Stars and Defeat Bowser.” Before continuing, “Bowser and his buddies have stolen all the Mini Stars in the sky and it is up to you to achieve the ultimate goal of winning them all back, in order to become the Super Star.”
To be honest, we are all about saving princesses here at Bettor.com, but becoming a Super Star does not sound all that bad either, but we will have to wait until the 2nd of March to find out for sure.