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Thread: Help: Nunchuck cannot be removed from Wiimote

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    Question Help: Nunchuck cannot be removed from Wiimote

    Hello Wii Hacks,

    I got a Hardware problem, one of my nunchucks is stuck in my wiimotes. As the plug is stuck inside, the levels on the side arent helping at all. I have tried tugging as hard as could with the holding the levels. But no luck, it also looks like the plug is starting to disconnect from the nunchuck.

    Btw, i am using a 3rd party controllers made by Memorax. The nunchuck uses a wireless receiver instead of the traditional wires. And this receiver is STUCK in the wiimote, which i need help removing.

    Cheers, Community,
    Really need help!

    EDIT: Close please. Got a exchange from my retailer.
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