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Thread: Need help with nands

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    Need help with nands

    Hi I just tried to softmod my wii 4.3u put the home brew channel on it using I think during setup I didn't format or setup my sd card because I have the hbc but when I go to launch bootmii screen goes black and blue light flashes on system.I was wondering if there is a way to fix my boo boo I was thinking of relaunching hackmii installer and maybe overwriting original home brew channel,would that work? Or is there something else I have to do?thanks.

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    Try going back to the hackmii installer, installing the homebrew channel and bootmii, and then select "Prepare a SD Card". The bootmii files will be written onto the sd card. Then, go back to the HBC, click + and press launch bootmii. Hope this helps

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    so what your saying is start all over again right because that would be the only way to go back to the hackmii installer?
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    Just launch the hackmii installer again and install bootmii.

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    ok but boot2 opens automatically to ios it says will I still be able to launch bootmii afterwards?thanks for the help.


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