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Thread: Buying a Nintendo Wii this weekend, have a few questions?

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    Buying a Nintendo Wii this weekend, have a few questions?

    Okay so this weekend I'm buying a Nintendo Wii and I have a few questions I would like answered before hand:

    Where is the best place to buy a Wii?

    I know that the Wii comes with the Wii Sports package, but what other games would you recommend getting?

    How many controllers should I buy (especially since I want to play it with my friends)?

    Thanks so much!

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    don't be disappointed if you cant get one they are still hard to find and unless you are planning to bid on one on eBay you may not be getting one this weekend. If you do congrats get Zelda it is awesome the wii sports is so much fun that you should be busy for a while.

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    games: get zelda, ecxite truck, dbz, and since you have friends maybe red steel since thats four player

    get four remotes and 4 nunchuks(if your getting red steel)

    otherwise get 4 remotes and 2 nunchuks


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