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Thread: How to Re-softmod?

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    How to Re-softmod?

    Hello, So here is my problem.
    Many years ago I had softmodded my Wii with the Twilight hack and it worked perfectly. I could launch my backups and run homebrew, dvds, movies etc. I was using a 4.1U system I then purchased a newer game that would not run. So, I was in a rush and really wanted to play my new game and did not research the update procedure since I figured my update was way out of date since everyone was doing different softmods at that point. So, I tried to uninstall all my channels and then proceeded to format my wii via the system menu. All the channels I had previously used with my softmod were gone. The system is not bricked as it plays my games from the retail discs. My native wii channels will not work such as shop, and news. When I check to see about updating the wii via the system menu it provides a disclaimer warning me about the potential for bricking my wii if i proceed with the update. So i have not proceeded with the update. I would really like to have my homebrew back and a newer firmware. Is there any way for this to be done?

    Everything I have read does not quite match my problem. I can't seem to really try anything anymore since I cannot boot anything. I do not have priiloader so that is of no help.

    Please Help! If there is any....

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    Just follow the softmod any wii guide, there is a link in my signature.


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