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Thread: Want to play Skyward Sword from USB Flash Drive

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    Want to play Skyward Sword from USB Flash Drive

    I want to play Skyward Sword off of my 16GB Sandisk USB Flash Drive... But I've heard mentions of having to update a file or something like that.

    Will I need the new controller to play or will I be able to use the Standard Wiimote to play Skyward Sword?

    It's a Wii with 4.2U, already modded.... I'll have to post the system check later, and the last CIOS or IOS I installed was 249

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    You need a motion plus wiimote or a motion plus accessory to play LOZ:SS. If you're usb loading, you dont need to worry about updating. If you want to freshen your softmod, use the link in my sig.


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