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Thread: CFGLoader from USB?

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    CFGLoader from USB?

    Hello. I just softmodded my Wii.

    I have the (unzipped) in SD root and WBFS Folder (with games) in USB root. CGF loads OK, games loads OK.

    But i do not want to have the SD card in my Wii, so i moved all the files to USB root. CFG Loader not working.
    I moved the files to WBFS folder in USB, still not working.

    I followed this instructions from DO NOT POST LINKS TO OUTSIDE GUIDES

    OPTIONAL STEP: If your (USB) drive is formatted as FAT32 or NTFS, move the sd:/usb-loader and all of its contents to the USB drive's root directory (so you will have usb:/usb-loader instead).
    • This directory is used for game box images and so on and they will load faster if you perform this step.
    • Ensure you move the files and not just copy them. Delete the folder on the SD card afterwards if you copy instead of moving.
    • This step can also be performed at any future time by just moving the folder across if you want to try it out on the SD card first.

    I dont know what is wrong. Help me please.

    Thank you.
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    This is just a though
    Try looking in the usb-loader folder on your hd and check out the CONFIG.TXT file see if device = usb or sd card.

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    Are you using NTFS or Fat32? I know Fat32, and if I remember correctly I couldn't get CFG loader to launch off of NTFS.

    How are you launching it? Homebrew channel or forwarder? If it's HBC, you may have to tell it to look at the usb (press 1 i think?) If it's a forwarder, are you sure it's made to look on the USB?

    Edit: just realized the text you included says nothing about the sd:/apps/<folderName of cfg loader>. You're going to need the app itself, and usb-loader folder on the same drive if you're removing the sd card.
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