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Thread: Kontakts are gone

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    Kontakts are gone

    Hey folks i got some issues going
    My wife got a iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 and it ain't a jailbreak phone and it never was !!!

    And here is the real issue
    Some how all the contacts in her phone are gone when I go to settings/mail,contacts,calendars there is a point it is called contacts there are 3 points first one is called sort order the second one is called display order and the third one is called My Info and there is not here name or a mail contact there is a name crime her contact list witch is wired !!!

    Below that there is a field it is called import sim contacts I am able to klick that but nothing is happening

    I did sync it with iTunes but that did not do anything to it

    So now I got no idea what to do the only thing I got is maybe reset it in factory mode and then pull a back up from her phone on it
    But I am not sure if it would do anything

    So I am hoping that u guys are able to help me on that

    Thanks a lot have a nice day and keep on rocking !!!

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    You can restore a backup from a previous date, and it restores your contacts and doesn't affect IOS.
    You right click on the phone when it's on the left where all your playlists are, and then click restore backup
    I think. Haven't had to do that for a while.

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    My contacts were wiped when I upgraded to 5.0.0; I had some good suggestions, but ultimately the only fix was to have the Verizon office pull contacts from my last mobile device. Lost contacts entered since getting the iPhone, but at least I was able to recover the 200 or so numbers and email addys that I could...

    So as a last resort, take your old mobile device to your provider and ask them to transfer contacts to iPhone.

    Good luck!


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