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Thread: cIOSCORP + Priiloader?

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    cIOSCORP + Priiloader?

    Hello. I've been searching everywhere and can't find an answer to this question.

    I've softmodded my wii around 2 years ago, the system version is 4.2e and I have cIOSCORP installed. Hovewer, after not touching my wii for some time, now I discovered there is something like Priiloader and that I kind of need it, as I want to play newer games and avoid Nintendo updates.

    From what I read, Priiloader overvrites some of the files, so the question is, is it safe to install it while having cIOSCORP installed? Or would it cause a brick or any other problems? I don't want to get rid of cIOSCORP, as I really like it.

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    Priiloader has nothing to do with cioscorp. An updated cioscorp is now called darkcorp, you should update to that. As for priiloader, you can install it with no problem, just make sure to use the hacks for your system menu and enable disc and online updates block.


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