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Thread: BBC iplayer on a US Wii (4.3U) on a US TV.

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    BBC iplayer on a US Wii (4.3U) on a US TV.

    I've been trying to get BBC iplayer to work on my Wii, a US model (NTSC-U), with system menu 4.3U. I installed a specially prepared iplayer wad found on an old thread in this forum (thanks da_letter_a) that forces wii into PAL mode. I now have the iplayer channel on my menu, but when the channel launches the screen begins flickering and scrolling vertically. It was suggested that this is because my TV doesn't support PAL- but I am not certain that is the problem.

    I checked my TV owners manual and it only lists NTSC output, but I've come across people on forums who say that manuals sometimes leave out that TV can also handle PAL.

    I just want to make sure there is not some software work around before I go out and buy a new TV.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?
    Can anyone confirm that newer TVs in the US support PAL? (specific models?) Lots of conflicting info about this.

    In case anyone is curious, here is a link to the old thread concerning BBC iplayer issues.

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    I bet if you use hd component cables it will work.

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    Recently traveled to usa, now unable to watch iplayer. Have any suggestion to watch in USA. My vpn is related to uk vpn.
    how to watch bbc iplayer in us

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