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Thread: usb loaders freeze on some games ???

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    usb loaders freeze on some games ???

    I have 3 different wiis that are freezing on some games ... all three are softmodded with the "mod any wii" guide , using WD my passport 2.0 hdd's on all of them formatted 50/50 wbfs/fat wbsf=games and fat=movies and music . Have tried conf usb loader/loader gx and wiiflow (223 seems most stable) . Is there anything i can do , the fw is at 4.1U on all wii's . I am running the apps ect from SD , wounder if running them from hdd would be better , have never been able to get it to work that way though , maybe need a good guide !??

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    Telling us what games are doing it would help. I am going to guess that they may be on THIS LIST though.


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