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Thread: MultiGame ISO Problem

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    Exclamation MultiGame ISO Problem


    I have followed the following guide:

    Yet, I have had no luck with running the MultiGame ISO. I have done the following things in order:

    i) Installed WiiGator's cMIOS v10 (required) - This has been tested and working, because I am able to play a disc with a single game burned.

    ii) Made the MultiGame ISO. - The two games are compatible.

    iii) When I made the ISO, I followed the instructions. I shrank the two ISO files, then ran the FST fix. After doing so, two more ISO files were created on my Desktop. I then renamed them, created a MultiGame disc, and burned them to a DVD -R.

    iv) I boot into NeoGamma, and press "Launch DVD".

    v) When it boots, it proceeds to the MultiGame launcher.

    vi) It reads "Drive (numbers)" OK!

    After this screen proceeds, it goes back to the main menu. When I try to boot it again, it repeats, and proceeds to the menu again.

    Does anyone know the solution?

    Thanks in advance .

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    So, why didnt u ask in that thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pob3008 View Post
    So, why didnt u ask in that thread?
    Sorry, I didn't think of it at the time. I looked for posts regarding my problem, but could not find any of use.


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