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Thread: What did I do? Softmod wii guide failed on me.

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    What did I do? Softmod wii guide failed on me.


    I've come to the end of my tether so I'm going to ask for some advice. I followed this guys guide to the T DO NOT POST FAILTUBE LINKS however whenever I try and load usb Loader GX it says something about unstubbed cIOS 222 or 249 9+. I have seen a few other posts about this however non have really given me a suitable conclusion. I then tried to use d2x cIOS installer to fix this that resulted in me probably making things entirely worse. I'm totally new to this and very lost, anyone got an suggestions on how to fix it, or if there is a way to start again could someone point me in the right direction?


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    Dont follow failtube videos! Follow the Softmod Any Wii guide. Dont skip any of the steps. This will overwrite everything you have done and you will be good to go!

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    WWWWooooahh Haddock. Stay cool dude or you will be in the padded cell.
    At least you have found this site which does offer support. Video is ok to watch but they never quite explain things, Follow the Mod ANY wii guide. If you have succesfully installed Homebrew channel. Find that spoiler then move on from there. DO NOT attempt to remove anything, The files will overwrite, your fail.
    Read it over a couple of times.
    You will be all happy again. There is a link in my + click here (Spoiler)

    PS have a look at the site rules, Not supposed to post links to outside fails.
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    Okie dokie Dr.Jones. Thanks for the advice!


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