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Thread: How Do I Make the 3D Cover Art From Scanned Image or FULLHQ?

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    How Do I Make the 3D Cover Art From Scanned Image or FULLHQ?

    I have searched high and low and maybe I'm just blind or can't think of the right key-words, but nothing I have come across tells me how to make the 3D cover art image for a USB Loader.

    Is there no software utility that I can feed in a FULLHQ/######.png file or something to create the 3D image quickly and easily?

    I can make the Front, Disc, Full, and FullHQ images from the high(er) resolution full cover image file I have. I do not need to know how to do that.

    I can roughly create a 3D image in Photoshop, but it is not the same as the other's I have, plus it is a royal pain.

    Before you suggest I download it, please note: the cover art I am looking for does not exist anywhere I have looked. Yes I have looked on and as well as half a dozen other places. I have also tried permutations of the GAME-ID in hopes that it or something close is in some other region or version. I have searched The only thing I find are text files with the file name of the cover art, just the file name from a listing of someone's SD card.

    Here is one example: StarSing Best of Goldman v1.0 [CSAPZZ]

    The GAME-ID CSCP00 is not it, Neither is CSHP00.

    If you know where the cover art for this is, >fabulous< please share! And I have a bunch more IDs I can give you if you want to help.

    If not, any help on the subject of this post would be greatly appreciated. In any event, I still would like to know how these 176x248 3D cover art images are being generated.

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    Do a google search for IMANDIX Cover. Might be worth taking a look at.

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    So this is the software that all these covers were made with?

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    Thanks for your post. USB Loader kept giving error messages. Went to the site you mentioned ( and manually downloaded all covers.

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