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Thread: Priiloader hacks not working...

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    Priiloader hacks not working...

    First of all thanks for everyone's help here. By some miracle I successfully installed HBC, bootmii, and Priloader without breaking anything

    But... for some reason the only hacks I can get to work is the auto A at the health screen and the black health screen one... Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm on 4.3J and using Priiloader .7. The hacks file I'm using are from this forum. The other hacks I've tested are region free (should work as I have Wasabi DX, right?--and yes I enabled region free on the chip), and turning off sound and music on the menu--but they don't work...

    Has anyone else experienced problems with Priiloader like this? Could the problem be with 4.3J? Should I have installed something else as well? Any help would be much appreciated!

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    There are a few different variations of the hacks_hash.ini file. What version # is your system menu? (I don't mean 4.3, I mean the actual version can get this by running a syscheck)

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    Okay, ran syscheck! (v2.1.0 b15 I believe that is the latest...) It says System Menu 4.3J (v512). I downloaded hacks-hash again from this link And looked at the hacks I'm interested in, namely, region free, and v512 is within the min/max version range... But still can't play out of region games (I tried Lego Star Wars). The menu music won't turn off for that matter. Any ideas what I might be missing?

    Thanks in advance
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    Could it be something to do with the ISOs??? I first thought it was a problem with Wasabi DX but since the all menu sound off hack doesn't work either, than it is likely to a be a problem with Priiloader right??


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