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Thread: Scrubbing, Multiple Games and Burning

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    Scrubbing, Multiple Games and Burning

    Noob here
    I got myself a PAL SSBB iso which was like 7.9 gigs or so and I successfully burned it to a RiTEK DL disc. Unfortunately I lost it and i now I want to burn it again. Then I came across wiiscrubber 1.4 and apparently i could make the iso smaller
    So I extracted all the wad files from the sys area inside the update partition and clicked scrub. the product was an iso the exact same size as the unscrubbed one. I'm supposed to archive it in a rar or zip and thats supposed to make it smalller, but then how am i supposed to burn it to a disc?

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    Sorry, but scrubbed ISOs cannot be burned on DVDs (as far as I am aware). To play your SSBB ISO, you either need to burn the full size ISO to a dual-layered DVD or you can use a USB Loader to play it off your USB.

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    A scrubbed ISO is simply an image of the game with all the update info deleted to save space. You CAN burn a scrubbed ISO to dvd, but the size has to match. 4,589,824 KB is the size of a standard Wii iso that can be burned to DVD. Since SSBB is a dual layer game, you would have to burn it on a dual layer dvd. Make sense?

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