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Thread: Cannot install channel fowards

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    Cannot install channel fowards

    recently I updated my wii, with the hack any wii guide on this site. I had stuff from like early 10 or something nothing quite as new. Got zelda for christmas and had to use gecko to play it lol. So i followed the guide to a T and everything went a ok, can play zelda now no uodates on the disk, load my usb games everything is fine there. Here is what gets weird. I put the new updated snes, nes and gba emus on my card, the wiimc, and configurable usb loader channel fowards, so i dont have to use the HBC. I went to install all of them and they all say i need ios58, the config wbs loader failed in MMM. So i downloaded ios 58 installer when i noticed down in the installer it says running ios 58, in MMM it says ios58 v6*** i forget the numbers.

    What do i do to be able to install the channels?

    In Hbc it says i have 1.0.8 ios61 v22.30if that helps too.
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    Hi! commonly when I install a forwarder I use Wad manager

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    If you followed the softmod any wii guide to a "T" your hbc would be running on ios58, not 61.

    If you run the hackmii installer and reinstall homebrew channel, it will run on 58 and you should be good.

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    Ok so just reinstall the HBC and it should work then. I will do that later today thanks.


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