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Thread: Slightly lost lol.

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    Slightly lost lol.

    Alright so, it's been monthsssss since I've turned my Wii on, possibly a year or so. I'm wondering, where do I start to update stuff like USB loader GX, Wad manager, cIOS. Stuff like that, I'm super lost and hoping someone can help a bunch. Thanks.

    Edit: System menu 4.1 with BootMii installed annndd a question about one of my games. I have Super Smash Bros. Brawl, legit disc and all, some of the levels cause me to get the "Cannot read disc error" Can I just back it up and everything will read fine? The disk looks clean. D:
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    You can follow the softmod any Wii guide to update your softmod. If you are getting disc read errors it could be your laser lens is either dirty or going bad. I would try to clean it. If it is going bad you will notice on dual layer games first like ssbb.

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    Would it be safe to follow a 4.3 guide?

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    Thank you. Now I'm updating HBC and it's for USB Loader GX. HBC is currently using iOS 61 and this guide says I should use iOS58, should I go ahead and reinstall as 58?

    EDIT: Nevermind.
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