As i am a very curious person decided to start to dig into something and the find is quite an interesting one.

Me and my friend both own Mario Kart Wii (Decided to buy it after constantly being at his house playing it)
so today to learn a little more decided to use GX to install the game it converted the game into a 2.58GB file.

So used Wii Backup Manager to convert it to an ISO (this then created the game at 4.37GB) as standard
so then converted it back to .wbfs and sure enough it got converted back to 2.58GB file.

Now my mate has one of them rare crazy LG dvd's so he can burn discs on the PC (lucky i know)
Now when he burned the ISO it was 4.90GB in size so we used the same will backup manager to convert to .wbfs

his wbfs size is 550MB!!!!! and it works!!! so put his game disc into his wii, we then used GX to install the game.
that .wbfs is 2.58GB.

I can't understand whats such a difference between the wii converting the wbfs and the wii backup manager doing it?
also it seems to be much smaller conversion because it come from an original created ISO?

Is there any Wii software that will "install" the game in the .ISO format instead of the wbfs format?
because if there is i am sure if we convert that ISO to wbfs were going to find a much much smaller file size.

Any ideas?