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Thread: priiloader missing file

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    priiloader missing file

    Hello everyone,

    I bought the Skylanders value pack and now the kids want to play it. However the Wii System Update is blocking the disc play through the normal wii operation. I have a System 4.2 hacked Wii. I tried loading up the game through USB Loaders ability to mount the disc. But the USB device that came with the Skylanders game could not be recognized (I realize this is probably a seperate issue).

    Anyhow, I was trying to get around the Wii System Update by using priiloader's ability to block this feature. So I went to do it by following the guide on this website. I selected:

    >System Menu Hacks from the menu
    > Got these errors:

    "Can't find fat:/apps/priiloader/hacks_hash.ini"

    "Cant finde hancks_hash.ini on NAND"

    I assume this ini file needs to be in the apps/priiloader folder on the SD card but where does it come from? It was not in the zip file I downloaded from priiloader website. I downloaded V7.

    Can anybody help out with this issue? I appreciate any help and thanks in advance for any responses...

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    wiinuggets updating post:
    Hello again, okay, I check my SD Card and hacks.ini is at the root of the SD card. Do I move it to the apps\priiloader\ folder? Also, if I do this will anything else be messed up on the system? Can I copy the file into the priiloader folder leaving the original at the root? This is getting confusing I know...

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    I suggest following this guide. It should answer all of your questions.

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    Hello everyone, I got this fixed with the guide. Thanks again...


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