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Thread: homebrew channel update

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    homebrew channel update

    I have a wii that was updated to 4.3 from 3.4(twilight hack)( i know the wii should not have been updated) I still have the homebrew channel installed after moving from 3.4, but now my wii is not reading anything from the usb port. when I try to load something in the homebrew channel, no usb show up like it did before. I also have this same problem with games on my hard drive. I have a channel that launches the games, but it no longer recognizes a usb drive. before the update, i had tried to load wiimc, but it said I needed IOS58, but I dont know how to get it. is my wii still hacked, or do I have to do it over? how do I update the HBC?
    any info given will help!

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    if you updated your wii then it killed your softmod, so you will have to follow the softmod anywii guide to get you back up and running
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