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Thread: Resident Evil Archives Zero

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    Resident Evil Archives Zero

    I recently got Resident evil Archives Zero and am wondering why i receive a black screen after loading it using Usb loader GX. Im new to this kind of stuff and the only thing related to this is an IOS issue i believe. Im running 4.3u softmodded by following Maui frogs guide.

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    New problem, got it to work on Wiiflow how ever it goes crazy and its in black and white. Iso problem?

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    Black n white screen means out of region game. Force your region in the games settings. I'm not gonna ask where u got the ISO, so don't tell me.

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    I'm not gonna ask where u got the ISO, so don't tell me.
    the friendly neighborhood torrent fairy, how else, lol

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    this but it was an iso problem, never checked to see if it was PAL. It was lol. Got a legit one by ripping it from the cd now.


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