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Thread: SSBB backup on two single layer discs

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    SSBB backup on two single layer discs

    hey sorry if there is another area for this or if there is another topic already started about this but if so i would like to see it and mods move this is necessary. but anyways i was wondering if anyone has ever tried to do this with ssbb since it is a DL game it is essentially 2 single layer discs combined together. so in theory couldn't you split the iso to include all the files for one part of the game such as single player and then another iso for special brawl or something but have both have the full menu and stuffs? just curious cuz i don't want to have to buy dl discs and maybe this has already been done or deemed impossible in which case i would use usb loading and avoid using any discs altogether.

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    You need to go ahead and get yourself a usb device.

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