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Thread: Workaround Mod for broken SD Slot Please

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    Workaround Mod for broken SD Slot Please

    Hey Guys,
    I did my first mod of a Wii! Well, 95%, when I finally got it all dialed in and put the Mod on my 2 GB SD card, the friggin slot is broken! I can manage to get the card in the slot, even get it to click but it's in there sloppy, doesn't go in straight and most important, it doesn't read the card. So my dilemma obviously is to finish getting HB into the Wii without a working SD port. I guess I could dismantle the Wii and try to fix the bent wire, whatever but naaah, I doubt opening the case will give me access to the SD slot.
    So, can I get it in by putting the files on a USB flash card in the back (probably stupid) or put the files on my HDD with the backup games and make an NTSC partition for the Mod files? I should mention this is one I already paid to have modded, the guy dropped it off with my wife and it wasn't and now I know why he didn't include the SD card. Same guy did my first Wii which had a 2 GB card properly modded.
    Important: I found the games on the HDD I gave him to add my backups, I was able to load them up once I opened WBFS, so now I'm wondering if he didn't do the Mod on the HDD? Doesn't really matter now as I have the Mod files ready to rock. Guess my question will be how do I add an NTFS partition for the files and finish my Mod now that it already has games. I don't want to risk dumping the games when I do this. Hope I chose the right forum, I think so.
    Thanks All

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    Pretty much the only thing you can do is rge the the SD card slot repaired. Either send it to Nintendo (since it's not modded) or you could do it yourself.
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    Thanks my friend, I figured. I asked because I'd read some people keep their files on a partition on their HDD without using an SD card, but maybe they did the mod with a card and moved the files over afterward. I can actually remove my SD card from my working unit anytime I want and everything still works, but I didn't mod that unit so I don't know how
    Do you happen to know if I do open up the case, if that allows for access to the inside of the SD port? I'm pretty handy and if it's as simple as a bent pin or such, I can do the work myself, I have the tri-wing screwdriver. If not, I found the SD port replacement online for just 3 bucks. Thanks for your time.

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    As I read your post over again . It seems you don't even have HBC, so usb ports are a no go. There are some good tuts around on how to open your wii, I can only imagine SD card slots are available to do a fix. depends on your ability/confidence. There are motherboards on ebay for 6 pounds UK.
    Hey wyattspoppa look what i found for peanuts.
    Repair Parts Replacement SD Card Slot For Nintendo Wii [360031] - US$3.94 :
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