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Thread: Quickie Can you brick a system by installing cIOS's?

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    Quickie Can you brick a system by installing cIOS's?

    Reason for asking is once you followed various guides around the net (or even the amazing mauifrog guide)
    when you come accross other new updated software it says must have this cIOS installed or that cIOS installed.
    well the wii now has that many installed from the maiufrog guide its hard to know what i actually have/dont have anymore?

    so can installing all these cIOS's from application makers (i.e. usb launcher apps) have any risk of bricking the wii?
    or overwriting other cIOS's if you already had them?

    i know deleting IOS or anything under 200 is deadly and can brick the system but not sure about all these updates
    from different app makers, got me a little worried to install and try different things out.

    a lot more info on this would be appreciated thank you

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    In short Yes, it can. IOS's install into slots and if it overwrites an important IOS you could have a problem. Most likely you're not, probably at worst you'll install an out of date ios, but the risk is there.

    Look at the syscheck sticky in this forum, that app will tell you exactly what you have.

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    great thanks will take a look at the app, i seen it last night on the news page went to the website to see the new release
    but i be damned if i could find a download link, and instructions so all these cIOS are over 200 right? if i say installed a bad cIOS
    over 200 due to the amount of apps out there now what would happen? thanks for the reply.

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    cIOS include the lower numbers that the community has produced to either enable exploits or support homebrew. Yes over 200 shouldn't be too much of a problem, you should still be able to get to the hbc, then mmm to recover. But you just should be aware what you're replacing. For example on mine, bootmii is somewhere up there, so I obviously would make sure i don't wipe that out based on instructions from some app.

    If you've followed the [2] guide recently you really should be able to run about 95% of everything. All my apps and games run cleanly. If you're having problems, i'm guessing your syscheck will show out of date cIOS's.

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    thanks not having any issues as really careful before i do something just making sure i have things right, great info very helpful thumbs up mate!


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