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Thread: What's so bad about installing custom SM themes?

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    Question What's so bad about installing custom SM themes?

    Hello I just wanna ask a question.

    Why is it that the risk of rendering your Wii unusable when installing custom themes
    like DarkWii without bootmii as boot2 is high/very high?

    People from WiiBrew say that it's alright if you have Priiloader because

    "You can just boot to priiloader then go directly to homebrew channel
    then to mymenufy and change the theme to others or original system menu theme".

    So what's so risky and bad about installing custom themes? is it illegal? unsupported/hated by WiiHacks?

    Just a note

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    Updating your system menu theme will wipe out priiloader. So if it breaks your wii and breaks priiloader, bootmii as ios isn't going to help you. Contributing to the risk is that a theme built for another version of the menu can cause a brick. See:

    Also, unfortunately, it seems like most people who ask about system menu themes don't understand enough to know what those risks mean or how to do it safely. This is no comment on your abilities (I have no idea what yours are), just making an observation.

    Finally, there are several adequate alternatives, which make the risks not worth it even for experienced modders. You can use prii loader to boot directly to your usb loader or use a homebrew app designed as a system menu replacement. The only replacement app that i have actually tried is postloader, which I was pretty impressed with. That comes with theme packs and of course you can make your own.


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