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Thread: USB Loader Gx problem

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    USB Loader Gx problem

    I just followed Mauis guids and soft modded my wii to 4.3u. I followed the guide that lets you install the USB loader gx for 4.3u. I installed it as a wad with ios249. and it says error wbfs folder can not be opened. i have tried other loaders but when i try to install them under ios 58 it says error. i tried that with wiiflow. can anyone help me?. Thank you

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    Try installing it with IOS248. Let me know if it works.

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    Im using Yet Another Wad Manager Mod and when i go to select an ios version 248 it just freezes

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    and it says error wbfs folder can not be opened.
    So is that when u try to use the channel?


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