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Thread: Parental Controls for Config USB Loader

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    Parental Controls for Config USB Loader

    I was wondering if you could set parental controls for the config usb loader or at least put a password on the app so that it's locked.

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    Take a read of the spoiler below:

    Parental Control and Unlocking Admin Functionality -------------------------------------------------- If the loader is configured with restricted functionality it can be unlocked with a password - a "secret" wiimote button combination. Restricted functionality means any of the options: "simple" or "disable_*" or "hide_game" are set, which is usually used for "Parental Control". When admin mode is unlocked it will allow you to access all the previously locked functionality. In addition: when unlocked, any games that are hidden with the hide_game option will be displayed. To access the unlock screen, hold the 1 button down for 5 seconds and the screen will appear. After you see the text "Enter Code:", press the wiimote buttons in the correct order. If you were successful, the word SUCCESS will appear on the screen. Otherwise the word LOCKED! will appear. The unlock screen has a 30 second timeout limit so if an incorrect (or no) password is entered, it will automatically lock. To set the lock back on with the original settings intact, hold the 1 button for 5 seconds and the lock will automatically turn on. When the loader is started, the lock will always be enabled. This functionality is controlled by the option: admin_unlock = [1], 0. By default it is enabled. To disable the ability to unlock admin mode set the option to: admin_unlock = 0 The default admin unlock password is: BUDAH12 To change it, use the config option: unlock_password = [BUDAH12] The password length is limited to 10 characters. Do NOT use quotes around the password - just type what you want it to be. E.g. unlock_password = 12UDAB The following are the button to letter mappings for the password: D-Pad Up: U D-Pad Down: D D-Pad Right: R D-Pad Left: L B button: B A Button: A Minus button: M Plus button: P Home button: H 1 button: 1 2 button: 2 To hide certain games, use the the Game Options screen and toggle the "Hide Game" setting. This allows you to set which games are hidden when the admin mode is LOCKED. In order to see this option, admin_unlock must be enabled (which it is by default) AND the admin mode must be in an unlocked state! - NOTE: this functionality completely replaces the hide_game option in config.txt, but they CAN be used together. Any games currently listed in hide_game will be shown when unlocked, but will ALWAYS be marked as hidden by default in Game Options and cannot be changed to unhidden unless they are removed from config.txt - NOTE 2: An easy way to convert all your games in hide_game to this new functionality is to start the loader with your hide_game still in config.txt and then go into Game Options in any game (you may have to unlock admin lock first) and change something and save it. All your hide_game entries will automatically be saved. Then you can remove the hide_game entry completely from config.txt. [/spoiler]

    Source HERE.

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