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Thread: Mplayer CE wont mount usb hard drive?

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    Mplayer CE wont mount usb hard drive?

    I have no idea what to do here? i am a noob. when i launch mplayer ce go to usb device and click fat32. i get fat device not mounted? i have modded my wii through modmii i know i have ios58?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thank u

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    I believe you need cIOS 202[60] in order to run this. Get it from HERE and install using MMM or Wad Manager.

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    just installed ios202 and am still facing the same issue? i have HBC running ios58 as well? CFG Usb loader v70 works fine?

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    SOLVED my usb drive was not active. wow i am blown away thats all it was! i was also never able to use usb loader GX even though i could use cfg usb loader perfectly fine. That issue is now fixed! i am sure others have missed that tiny step.

    THANKS for all your help


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