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Thread: Wads and regions

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    Wads and regions


    Are their any specifics on wad regions e.g. can i play say ntsc wads on a pal wii etc? I have had issues with some wads and was wondering if region is the issue.


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    If u mean tha VC Wads then it dont matter where they come from, when u install them they should work

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    hmmm ok strange, if i use any ntsc wads the screen just goes black, they install ok just do not run. If i install and run a PAL vc wad then it works fine. Is their anything that i need to do in order to play foreign vc wads? I have used the starfall app to set the regions.


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    Well i just download tha WAD MegaMan & Bass for SNES, used tha twilight hack as usual n then i got it as a channel, n it works. Some Wad's may b corrupt, but usually if they are a black screen will pop up n say "Does Not Work" or it'll have some kind of message to let u kno that its no good


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