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Thread: reversing the hack possible

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    reversing the hack possible

    Hi I just softmoded my friends wii, everything went well, had trouble with the HDD but it was the HDD that was (and still ) acting up, anyways he took the wii home and it sounded like something loose inside ( not my fault I think LOL) and now it doesnt want to read the discs and do to the HDD not working properly he cant really use the wii and since the wii is only 2 weeks old he wants to to get another one but due to the mod he cant take it back and I want to reverse the mod to redo it when he gets the other, can somebody please help

    p.s. sorry for the long post

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    He purchased it at the base (Coat Guard)

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    Not sure what that is! Was it a new wii or used? Here is the guide and like I said its not recomended

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    Hi thanks the base is a coast guard military station by the LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by gemely
    Hi thanks the base is a coast guard military station by the LOL
    Ok, now I see lol

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    WOW Im realy realy lossed please help sorry for the inconvinience

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    Follow the guide thats all I can really say! I have never done it and I will never do it. What menu system is the Wii on?

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    Its on the 4.3 its brand new the only reason that I modded it is for him to put movies for his daughter via wiimc, I have a nad back up if that helps

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    I dont know how to really help you here. I can say is take the chance and follow the guide or delete all the titles and channels that you put on there and try and pull a fast one lol. No dont do what I just said, I was joking! Did you install preloader on by chance?

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