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Thread: iPad, Xbox factory workers threaten suicide

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    iPad, Xbox factory workers threaten suicide

    The China-based company that makes iPads and Xboxes resolved a dispute with its workers Thursday after several of them threatened to commit suicide.
    Strife broke out after Foxconn Technology, which manufactures electronics for Apple, HP and Microsoft among others, reportedly announced layoffs and transfers of employees and reneged on severance pay, reports the New York Times.
    The company said in a statement that about 150 of the 32,000 employees at its plant in Wuhan were involved in the protest.
    An unconfirmed number of them climbed to the factory roof and threatened to jump off.
    Foxconn said negotiations to settle the dispute were successful, and most of the protesting workers agreed to return to the assembly line, according to the report. About 45 resigned. Details of the agreement were not disclosed.
    Foxconn drew attention in 2010 because of a spate of suicides and suicide attempts by its workers at various plants, blamed on harsh working conditions

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