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Thread: WTF is the problem with wii game?!

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    Anyone experienced similar problem?

    Hi I use a SUB loader to play games from transporatble disk. So When I want to play wii Sports which I took the game from my original DVD and put it on disk, the Wii goes nuts when I click play and there is a black screen saying i don't know what because it goes so fast, and on the end it says it will reload in 60 seconds. Some times I get luck and get in to the game where it works normal. Any solutions?

    Thank you all for participating.

    Here's the picture (not so good, sorry):

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    i have the exact same issue. I am struggling to find a solution also. any ideas anyone?

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    Try updating your USB Loader or trying deleting the usb config file. A new one will be created when you start usb loader again. If you have usb cfg loading through a certain IOS then you will have to alter the config file on your computer...

    Also there is a guide for that game here --->
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