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Thread: Problem updating to IOS 58

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    Problem updating to IOS 58


    I'm having some issues when updating to IOS 58. The reason I want to do this is because I would like a Wii MC channel and that forwarder apparently requires IOS 58.

    I'm running HBC 1.0.8 and IOS 37 without any problems, USB loading and everything else is working perfectly.

    When I try the IOS 58 installer I get an error after downloading, no specific message, just says Installation Failed. Then I downloaded the IOS 58 wad and istalled it with WAD Manager 1.7 without issues. This is the weird part, when I return, HBC says i'm still running IOS 37 and the Wii MC forwarder still won't install.

    I don't necesarilly need to update to IOS 58, if someone can get me a working forwarder for Wii MC channel that's okay too.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot

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    You need to re install HBC through Hackmii. That wii fix your problem..

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    thanks man, that did the trick

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    If that happens again (with any other wad/ios) u just download "pimp my wii" its a homebrew app download it from then run automatic installer if that doesnt help do the manual installation (3rd option from the top) that might do.

    hope this helps.
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    Pimp my wii is often referred to around here as brick my wii, as it has caused many a brick.

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    not any more man u c that pimp my wii has got quite a few new updates which prevent bricking the wii. i myself using 4.3e version and i hacked my wii with lego indiana jones cd so now pimp my wii works u should tryy it too..

    thanx any ways, 4 sharing


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