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Thread: Problems loading games that have more than 1 game on the disc - Monopoly Collections

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    Problems loading games that have more than 1 game on the disc - Monopoly Collections

    Ok, so this happened to me with Metroid Prime Trilogy. When I would go to pick a game to play it would take me to the Wii Menu (actually I think the third game works, but the first two don't). This also happens with House of the Dead. Now I beat House of the Dead 100 times over so I don't need to play it anymore, and I don't mind leaving my Metroid Prime disc inside of my Wii, so I still don't have to deal with discs. Well today I picked up Monopoly Collections really cheap (now I'm wishing I would have gotten just the normal monopoly game), and it doesn't work either. I go to load up the game and it takes me to the system menu. I have tried both WiiFlow and USB LoaderGX both updated.

    Any advice? I search for Monopoly Collections but could only find unanswered posts. =/
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    same problem here, exept I'm using a dvd... Can't wait to have a solution for Monopoly!

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    Try installing d2x (it's a cIOS pack). I have v7 although many say that v6 is fine as well.

    Also, try re-ripping the game.

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    Same problem, We tried a downloaded PAL edition of Monopoly collections and it wouldn't run. I bit the bullet and purchased the game new and it still won't run, same problem as free version (can I ask for refund from Ebay seller because it does the same as the download?:Haha.
    My sons Wii is hard and soft modded.
    Seems my son just found an answer to the problem, see NeoGamma readme for more info.

    Config options > Altern. .dol > SELECT "change to disk", then Return to menu > Launch game on DVD > eventually comes up with "Boot: <main.dol>" change this to whichever suits, dependant on disc title.
    Then hit "A" on controller to select.

    Alternative .dol

    Only enable if you need it! "Disc" Searches the disc for .dols and let's you select which one to load then. It should be obvious that only using a .dol different from the main.dol makes sense here.
    "Storage" Load a .dol from sd or usb storage instead of loading the main.dol from disc. The .dol Has to be in the folder "NeoGamma" and the name has to be the first 6 (or 4) characters of the disc ID.
    I hope this information helps, and it came at a time when I was going to ask all you nice folk for help with this exact problem.

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    Honestl I just did what isoguy said, and did it months ago, worked perfectly and was simple.

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    IOS 56 serves the same purpose we just found out and gets the games working fine.

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    I have the metroid prime trilogy that I ripped from my retail disc an Im pretty sure they all work fine


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